Casa Sonrisa, A Surfing Rental Mexico

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013

Casa Sonrisa, A Surfing Rental Mexico

Casa Sonrisa – A Perfect Surfing Rental in Punta el Custodio, Mexico.


Mexico has 6,000 miles of coastline, and about 2,000 surfing points. If you are searching for a surfing rental in Mexico, then Casa Sonrisa located in Punta El Custodio may be exactly what you are looking for. Located only steps away from a wonderful surf spot, this rental is designed to please. Punta El Custodio juts into the Pacific Ocean, creating wonderful surf breaks for experienced surfers, while nearby at Playa Tortugas, long river mouth wave breaks offer ample opportunity for young boarders just learning the ropes, on up to experts, to enjoy some easy waves.

Luxurious private vacation rental
Casa Sonrisa is an all-inclusive private villa. Unlike a hotel or resort, a villa rental is really a home away from home. Here you can enjoy your vacation at your own pace. Wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and enjoy some while still wearing pyjamas on your private veranda overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Your private maid will make your bed and take care of the daily household need so you can free your mind and body to luxuriate in the ultimate in vacation relaxation. You’ll enjoy a private pool and ample room to spread out for personal space, and the tranquil beach setting is sure to be a balm to your overstimulated senses.

Special Services and Pricing
At Casa Sonrisa, you will enjoy all that a private, gated community has to offer. From a magnificent shared pool, to the services of an exclusive, private maid, you are sure to be happy with Casa Sonrisa. Your private maid ensures you have no other worries on your vacation than how long ago you applied sunscreen. With the additional meals package, you can erase food from your worries too, because all of your food and drink shopping and preparation will be taken care of for you.

Some of the prime features of Casa Sonrisa;
• 3 full bedrooms, each with a full bathroom, and a bonus room for additional sleeping quarters
• Amazing estuary views
• 12 miles of pristine beach to enjoy in front of your bedroom (Playa Tortugas)
• full bath opening to the jungle scenery and ocean view
• from the living area you have amazing views of the river mouth

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casa sonrisa, surfing rental punta el custodio

Casa Sonrisa, surfing rental Punta el Custodio

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