Yoga for Mexico Travelers

Posted by on Mar 4, 2013

Yoga for Mexico Travelers

Yoga for Mexico Travelers.

Mexico offers a wonderful climate and temperatures nearly year round which makes it a very attractive vacation destination. The surreal surroundings and tropical climate has grown to be a favorite of yoga teachers and those who own yoga studios. These yoga enthusiasts are often planning wintertime yoga events in beautiful Mexico. In addition, many of the resorts offer yoga in their list of vacation activities. Here are some great tips to keep you feeling serene as well as energized between the resort’s scheduled yoga sessions.

1. Focus on Your Favorites
While going on vacation, bring your favorite poses along. Your getaway should be fun so spend a few moments in meditation and follow with a routine that you enjoy. Starting the day with an enjoyable yoga activity will add a good measure of joy to your day. Upload videos to your iPad or use headphones for inspiration. At Punta el Custodio, our magical and private vacation community, you will have no trouble finding peace.

2. Travel Appropriate Kriyas
Bring along some Kriyas if your mornings will be free while on vacation. “Healthy Bowels Kriya” is great for those who cross time zones when traveling. This yoga resource offers slow movements which will ease you into a slow pace and help keep your system functioning on schedule.
Many Kriyas can be easily memorized if you begin practicing before leaving for Mexico. While you are away from home, you will be experiencing another culture and enjoying new adventures. Stay in tune with who you are and tap into your higher self for a wonderful vacation.

3. Look for Vacation Yoga Opportunities
When you begin to explore your resort, check out the available yoga activities. Check with the staff to find out when and where the next yoga events will be held. Be a great yoga tourist and participate in any classes or activities which seem like fun. By participating in yoga on your Punta el Custodio vacation, you may find unique techniques to take home that you’ve never before experienced.

4. Choose Your Yoga Space
There may not have been room for your yoga mat in your luggage but don’t let that stop you from enjoying yoga in your villa or on the beach. The white sands of the beach will create a wonderful yoga surface for you, especially if you choose to practice during a sunrise or sunset. There are some beautiful places to practice yoga in Punta el Custodio if you use some creativity. Continuing yoga practices while on vacation will be a joyful experience that will deepen your commitment and add to your overall tranquility.

5. Designate a Practice Time
When you arrive at the resort, it is important to decide on a good time for your yoga practices. For many, the best time to do yoga is early in the morning when you are first starting your day. This creates a wonderful mood that stays with you for the remainder of the day. Because everyone has free time while on vacation, now is the time to ask a fellow traveler to give yoga a try.

6. Be Flexible with Your Yoga Schedule
Even though you have set aside a special part of your day to yoga, don’t be afraid to change your schedule. After all, this is your vacation and there is no need to miss a once in a lifetime experience. It is also important not to push yourself too much. The last thing you want is to be sore while on your vacation or traveling home.

If you would like to combine your relaxing vacation with the rejuvenating and healthful effects of a yoga retreat, Punta el Custodio offers the perfect opportunity. Follow these six tips and your yoga enriched vacation will be the best vacation experience of your life.

Watch our Punta el Custodio Video!

Watch our Punta el Custodio Video!

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