12 miles long unspoiled Playa Tortugas

Posted by on May 24, 2014

12 miles long unspoiled Playa Tortugas

Taking Yoga Practice on Vacation.

Even when you are on a vacation, it is easy to take your yoga practice along. With a little planning, it is easy to locate yoga activities available at your travel destination. Traveling gives you the opportunity to see how different cultures approach different yoga techniques. Contact Michel, your Punta el Custodio rental agent to find out about all of the available yoga activities.

When you arrive at your destination, check in with staff to ensure the right yoga classes and activities are on your itinerary. It may also be possible to visit local yoga studios if there are any in the area. When visiting a class outside your own country, find out if the yoga practice will be conducted in a foreign language.

To maintain your yoga regime while on vacation, here are the items you will need to pack:

Practice Necessities for Yoga during Travel

Quick Drying Clothing – Packing the work-out clothing which is quick drying will help with the warm Mexico climate which offers a high level of humidity. In doing so, you won’t be worrying about doing laundry every day.

Yoga Mat – Bring along a skidless towel or yoga mat for practices on vacation. At the end of your trip, these mats will work well as a cushion to protect breakable souvenirs purchased in Mexico.

Yoga Downloads – With some well-chosen yoga audio downloads, yoga sessions are a cinch. Your MP3 player is also an invaluable travel companion for yoga enthusiasts. iPhones and iPads are another great resource for your favorite downloads to be stored and utilized.

Headphones – These can be a little awkward at first but soon you will grow used to wearing them. Be sure to pack a long cord if you cannot bring wireless headphones along. Another option is to bring a DVD player or laptop to play your favorite yoga practices.

Yoga Print-outs and Practice Notes – You may not have all of your favorite yoga sessions memorized. Bringing your practice notes along will help you follow your favorite routine. These practice notes may be printed out or hand-written.

Checking in at Punta el Custodio, private vacation villa community
At Punta el Custodio we offer several different yoga options, this is an activity that travelers should try not to miss. With regular participation, yoga is as relaxing and refreshing as the vacation getaway itself. Travelers will return from Punta el Custodio feeling delightfully refreshed and healthful.

Punta el Custodio and Playa Tortugas

Punta el Custodio and Playa Tortugas

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