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Casa Colibri living area

How to Plan a Spiritual Retreat in Mexico.


Our luxurious villas provide the perfect setting to assist you with your spiritual needs from the moment you arrive in beautiful Mexico. Our well-trained, professional staff will be glad to help you with any and all details to make your stay simply stellar. The beautiful Pacific Ocean, lush jungle greenery, and sandy beaches provide the perfect opportunity to draw closer to your Spiritual guide while surrounded by beauty. Here is a simple list to help you plan a successful religious retreat.

Type of Retreat
First, you should decide on the type of spiritual retreat being held. This is an important decision which determines who is the focus of the entire getaway. If you are undecided, here are some great ideas: marriage retreats, youth groups, men’s or women’s retreat, Promise Keeper’s conference, choir activity, or even church-wide.

Your Retreat’s Theme
You will want to focus on a particular message for your spiritual retreat and this should match your theme. There are unlimited ideas when it comes to choosing a theme for your retreat. Once you have decided the type, you may already have the theme in mind. If not, here are some great themes which may help get your creative ideas flowing: Daughters of Christ, Samaritans of Hope, Promise Keepers, Women or Men of God, Couples for Christ.

Choose a Date for Your Retreat
You will want to choose a date for your spiritual retreat and call us to make the necessary reservations as soon as possible. It is ideal to set a date that is four months away but some groups, such as a youth getaway, could easily be planned as little as two months in advance. Once your theme and type has been decided upon, it will be much easier to reserve the perfect vacation villas for your needs. You will need to know if the all-inclusive package is the right fit for your group which will include both a maid and cook.
Another reason to plan a spiritual retreat months in advance is to invite your speakers, chaperones (for youth retreats) and collect money from participants, plan the activities, and to consider meals and other needs of the group. If literature is required for your retreat, this gives you the opportunity to order the books and pamphlets you will need.

Choose Your Speakers and Other Volunteers
It is important to schedule and plan for your speakers, leaders, and volunteers. This could become a simple or daunting task, depending on locations, work schedules, and travel requirements. Well-known or famous speakers will most likely charge a fee and require certain transportation needs. In addition, you will have to consider their busy schedule. Depending on the purpose of your spiritual retreat, you might choose to stay local to keep your costs at a minimum.

Decide on the Rates for Your Participants
You will need to decide how much to charge your participants or if your organization will foot the bill. By setting the date, theme, and purpose, you already know most of the expenses that will be incurred on the spiritual retreat. Your reservations have been made which should give you a clear indication of how many participants you will have. The price will also need to include the teaching materials and additional services. Be sure to add the all-inclusive services into your budget if you have chosen this option. It is considered a good idea to add $20 or $30 to the total participant fee ensure that everything has been covered. Near the end of your beautiful Mexican vacation retreat, any excess funds can be spent on a special treat for the group such as an outing, graduation, or party.

Advertise Within Your Organization
Once you have made all of the above decisions, go back to confirm plans and speakers once again. This seems tedious but it is vitally important to ensure the success and smooth operation of your retreat planning. People lead busy lives and dates could be forgotten or misread. Next, call our management team once more to ensure all accommodations are properly reserved and no additional information is needed. You may also choose to seek help and advice from our staff. We would be glad to assist you in any way possible to ensure the success of your retreat.

Once all of your plans are concrete, you should decide on the form of advertising that is right for your retreat. Many churches add the information to their church newsletters or bulletins and make regular announcements. Some organizations may choose to print flyers to hand out. Flyers are particularly useful for youth groups as teens often forget important details.
If your group is small, it is not uncommon to team up with another church or sister group. If you choose this option, you will need to invite them to participate as well. It is believed that the more emotional retreats, such as those dealing with marriage issues, will be more successful if kept “in-house”.

Create Your Own Retreat Reservation System
You will need to decide on the proper reservation system for your organization. Even if the retreat will be paid for by the organization, you will need a reservation system. You may opt for an online system which can accept credit and debit cards. You may decide to handle all of the reservations in house. Remember to cash any personal checks several weeks in advance to avoid any possible returns.

Print Your Organization’s Retreat Brochure
Now that everything has been decided upon, you will need to write and print your spiritual retreat’s brochure and schedule. This will have the information each attendee will need regarding speakers, activities and other information. The brochures should also have pictures of the location and villas you have chosen for this experience. You will want this brochure to build excitement and cause people to want to join your retreat. You will have to decide if the price should be featured on these. You will want to use these as the date draws closer so attendees will have them when they reach their destination: Casa Colibri or any of our beautiful vacation villas in Punta El Custodio, Mexico.

Final Thoughts on Your Retreat’s Success
When planning a spiritual retreat to our beautiful location, you will want to schedule time for group activities and for times of solitude and rest. This will allow attendees to pause and reflect on the beauty of nature and consider the teachings of your organization. Invite your members to bring journals, Bibles, musical instruments, and any other resources to help ensure a successful retreat and a maximum spiritual experience.

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