General Info Punta el Custodio

General info and suggestions about your stay at Punta el Custodio


    • The staff
      The staff of Punta el Custodio (in all houses except Casa Sonrisa) consists of Ismael Franco, our on site manager who speaks fluent English, the women who clean the houses (each house has it’s own), the gatekeeper, gardiners, mechanics, other maintenance workers and Michel, your rental agent. In Casa Sonrisa you will deal with Wendy as manager of the house and Perla, the Spanish speaking maid.
      About 6 weeks before arrival we will get you in contact with Ismael or Wendy to arrange the food plan/airport transfers. Once you arrive at Punta el Custodio Ismael or Wendy will be your main contact to answer all your questions and help you with activities such as trips, tips and excursions. They are also excellent at coordinating special events such as mariachi parties.

      Punta el Custodio

      Main pool Punta el Custodio, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico


    • Contacts for your stay at Punta el Custodio
      Your first contact will be Michel, your rental agent for the 8 houses listed on this website. Since he has been spending many weekends at Punta el Custodio with his family since 2009, in all 14 houses, there is no better person to help you choose the best house for your needs. He will answer all your questions and can give you the best information about each of the houses and Punta el Custodio itself. He will assist you in making your reservation.
      Once you arrive at Punta el Custodio, you are in the safe hands of Ismael Franco, the on site manager of seven of the eight villa rentals at Punta El Custodio (if you rent Casa Sonrisa you will be in the safe hands of Wendy and Perla).


    • Your personal maid
      In all 8 villas for rent the maid comes Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 7:30 am – 12:00 pm. The maids make breakfast and prepare a large afternoon meal. There will be Mexican snacks/enough leftovers/desserts for a delicious evening meal. Breakfast can be rather large; generally the maids will prepare a typical Mexican lunch, with meat or fish. We also suggest some appetizers for cocktail hour. These are the items you should add to your grocery list as liquor and wine are not provided. Either request Ismael to purchase the groceries and liquor you require, or stop on your way out of Puerto Vallarta to purchase these items.


    • Food
      As suggested above, consider buying barbeque and snack food in Puerto Vallarta as you drive to Punta El Custodio. There is a Costco close to the airport, a Walmart and Mega Store on the way out of town. Wine and special foods can also be purchased. Again, think about snack food, appetizers for cocktail hour and barbeque food for Sunday night. Some beer (5 per day per adult) and soft drinks are waiting for you at the houses.
      The food package is optional, but highly recommended as it takes the burden away from you and the cost is only $230 USD per adult per week, children 5-12 half price. This includes 2 meals per day: breakfast and a large meal, and enough extra’s for an evening meal. A supply of beer, bottled water, soft drinks and fruit are also provided. Please confirm the food package with Ismael/Wendy and if you have specific requests or dietary restrictions, please advise them.


    • Sundays
      On Sunday we suggest you go down to the restaurants at the Platanitos beach to have a ‘Zarandeado’. It’s our favorite fish in Platanitos. Sorry, no meat or vegetables – fish and shellfish are the fare. You may find that enough, or you may choose to barbeque something that night for your dinner. Many of the houses have an excellent barbeque. Please have Ismael show you how to light them.


    • Restaurants
      There are 8 fish restaurants waiting for you at Platanitos beach, half a mile or 800 meters from Punta el Custodio. Al very local, during the week you won’t see many people. If you want to go somewhere else you can drive to San Blas (restaurant Garcia Canela), at 45 minutes, or Casa Manana for pizza which is about 30 minutes by car. Ismael or Wendy can give directions or help organize a driver to take you there during your stay.


    • Water
      Water is a valuable commodity at Punta El Custodio and we ask that you make every effort to conserve water. i.e. short showers and minimal flushing. Bottled water is provided and should always be used for drinking and teeth cleaning. Water containers are in each bathroom.

      rental punta el custodio

      One of our 8 rentals in Punta el Custodio, Casa Celeste


    • Bugs
      As we are in the tropics, animals and insects are present. We suggest that you close the doors at dark to keep the “little creatures” out. “No-seeums” are well named. They are invisible insects whose bites can make life very itchy and uncomfortable, at least for some people who are more allergic to them. The area is sprayed, but at the same time we want to keep our community as free as possible from poison. Most of our guests find that the No-seeums are only active around sunrise and sunset, and more often they are not present at all. Spray liberally with an insect repellant and if possible, wear long pants, long sleeved T-shirts and socks at sunset and sunrise to protect your wrists and ankles and life will be pleasant. We also suggest using the fans if sitting outdoors while dining, which not only will keep the bugs away but circulates a nice breeze around your feet. In general there are no bugs during daylight.


    • Surfboards
      Surfboards can be rented from Ismael on a daily basis, at appr. $10 USD. Please discuss with Ismael what you are interested in. Boogie boards are available in most of the houses.


    • Tides of the estuary
      Tide tables are available in all houses and MUST be consulted before crossing the estuary. You CAN ONLY cross when the tide is turning, so there won’t be a current, preferably at low tide. Do not underestimate the power of the tides, and the current. At low tide it is very safe to cross/swim in the Estuary or the Ocean at the East/South side. At other times the swimming can be dangerous, the current can be too strong, even for experienced swimmers. There is a safe beach in Platanitos, the village 800 meters, or half a mile down the road, with restaurants to choose from as well.


    • Cell phones
      Cell phones do work at Punta el Custodio. Check with your service provider before you leave and purchase a package for the best options. You will have to connect to internet by phone, so do make sure you have the right package with your provider.


    • Trips and activities
      For trips and activities; Ismael will assist you in making arrangements, if you stay in Casa Sonrisa, ask Wendy.


    • WiFi
      Please read the info about internet at our villas on our FAQ page.


    • Margaritas!
      Equal parts of freshly squeezed lime juice, tequila, cointreau (controy in Mexico) and jarabe (sweetener) blended with lots of ice. Fabulous.


    • Local Market Days
      La Penita Thursday *considered the best
      Zaculpan Wednesday
      Las Varas Friday
      San Blas Saturday
      Again Ismael should be contacted to help you plan how to get to the markets and what the costs will be.


    • Trip to Guadalajara – Fantastic Shopping
      Our friendly taxi driver (and amazing shopping guide) Raul can be contacted at:
      Phone: 011 333 604 0699
      Cell: 011 333 119 7473
      Fax: 011 333 604 0699
      Raul is a delightful person and speaks perfect English. We usually stay in wonderful bed and breakfasts in Tlaquepaque where all the great shopping is located (also visit Tonala). We recommend either Villa del Ensueno or Quinta Don Jose (the latter has a wonderful restaurant serving Mexican and Italian cuisine and is closer to the shopping). Ask Raul to pick you up and let him know what you are looking for – he’ll direct you to whatever you are interested in!


  • In case of problems please call Michel, your rental agent:
    011 52 329 298 1474 (Mexican landline) from the US and Canada, at Whatsapp: +52 1 322 12 59 695 or at 322 12 59 695 (Mexican cellphone)