A Private and Personal Experience

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013

A Private and Personal Experience

Enjoy a Private Personal Experience at Punta el Custodio.


We have all seen those commercials on television and advertisements on the internet offering getaway vacations to a location that appears to be overrun with people on the beach and poolside. Remember the commercials advertising Cruises? Balconies and balconies of people shoulder to shoulder waving as they head off on an ocean adventure. The perfect destination isn’t crowds of people and accommodations no better than hotel rooms sandwiched together where you can hear your neighbor if he sneezes. You certainly can’t experience local cuisine when it is delivered in cardboard boxes by a name brand restaurant supplier. Even though those vacationers are smiling in the advertisements, that is the exact opposite of what a real vacation getaway is all about.

You will find many differences to consider when choosing between a famous or privately owned resort. First of all, cookie cutter vacations from name brand resorts will not allow you to fully experience the time honored traditions and rich culture of the area or region in which you are visiting. Those vacations are planned out by the company CEOs for minimum expense and maximum profits. Even your meal selections have been chosen for you based on profitability. Your cook and other resort employees are probably not even native to the area where you are vacationing.

When you choose beautiful Punta el Custodio, you break the cookie cutter concept by choosing a vacation that is custom planned to suit your personal needs and desires. Our manager and other onsite personnel are local natives who desire to share their beautiful country and renowned heritage with you. Begin planning your vacation getaway months in advance. Our private community employs a staff which will help you work out every detail because we want your stay in Punta el Custodio to be the absolute vacation of your dreams. From choosing the ideal villa for your needs to scheduling activities and adventures, every moment of your getaway will be unforgettable.

With only seven villas, there is privacy and serenity for every guest. Enjoy spacious accommodations where there is plenty of room to stay indoors or out. Choose a villa with a private pool and read a book or watch your children play in the water. Hit the beach and watch the ocean beat against the sand or enjoy the sunset without hoards of people to interrupt your quiet thoughts and reflections.

If you choose an all-inclusive package, your personal cook will serve authentic Latin American cuisine with ingredients purchased from the local markets. Expect to dine on such delectable favorites as Carne Asada, Fajitas, and Carnitas along with such accompaniments as freshly chopped Pico de Gallo and Guacamole made from fresh avocados – just to name a few. Finish the meal with an award winning dessert such as Flan or Natilla. Guests will leave Punta el Custodio having experienced the true culture of the area.

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