A resort with a Heart

Posted by on Apr 11, 2013

A resort with a Heart

Punta el Custodio, a resort with a heart.


Located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Mexico is a modest vacation rental community that offers all the comforts of a luxurious five star hotel infused with the personal experience that one might find in a Bed & Breakfast. Punta el Custodio celebrates the beauty and culture that surrounds this lovely place with 14 villas and houses that will restore your happiness and health.

Many resorts offer a more urban experience but our small resort offers privacy and service on a more personal level. Staying at Punta el Custodio means a serene vacation in the country surrounded by lovely gardens, lush jungle, and magnificent trees. With the 7 houses and villas we rent, we offer the perfect vacation for anyone who has ever felt like running away from city life.

Punta el Custodio offers a more cultural experience than many other resorts. Enjoy a small community setting where children play in the water and build sandcastles. Escape to sunshine where the ocean beats against the sand and the beach isn’t brimming with strangers. This is a place where quiet thought and reflection is not only possible but probable.

Because Punta el Custodio wants to provide guests with the most authentic cuisine possible, the food is purchased localy, in the nearby towns, in Riviera Nayarit. Our all-inclusive package provides a private cook for your entire stay. Visiting our small community sustains local vendors, farmers, fishermen and fruit sellers. We buy our fish fresh from the fishermen, their daily catches include such fish as giant tuna, bass, blue marlin, and trophy sailfish.

It’s no wonder Mexican cuisine is such a palate pleaser as these foods flourish in the gulf’s tropical temperatures: sweet peppers, cherry and slicing tomatoes, bulb onions, collards such as turnips, mustard, lettuce, and other greens, Southern peas, okra, eggplant, corn, beans, squash, garlic, beets, and potatoes. As you may have guessed, bananas are the most plentiful fruit but others are native to this area such as: limes, mangoes, oranges, watermelon, piña and other tropical fruit.

Choose Punta el Custodia and you have selected a vacation venue that cares about tourists and families, employees, and the local economy. Come to beautiful Mexico and escape the urban world. Kick back and drink a mango smoothie and enjoy watching the children frolic on the beach. Feel that sundrenched gulf sand between your toes and let the Mexican sun warm your face. What else could you want in a vacation getaway?


Our food plan consists of the freshest products!

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