Casa Sonrisa

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Casa Sonrisa

Casa Sonrisa, Surfers Paradise Mexico

Three+ bedrooms, rates from $1,800 USD – $3,500 USD (Christmas) per week (without all-inclusive plan).
If a quiet vacation next to some good surfing spots is what you are seeking, then Casa Sonrisa is the place for you. Nuzzled next to one of the best surf spots in Mexico, Casa Sonrisa is a surfer’s paradise. This beachfront villa rental is sure to ignite your surfer’s ambition as it is just footsteps away from 12 miles of the most beautiful pristine sand beaches and one of the most well-known surf breaks available in Mexico. This magnificent vacation villa offers a 260° view nested within an endless view of gorgeous mangrove jungles. If this isn’t enough, tantalize your sense of sight as you relax and rest your gaze upon some of the most awe-inspiring sunrises (from your terrace) and sunsets (from the main pool area) expected from a beach vacation. Just learning how to surf and don’t have your own gear? We offer surf boards for rent as well. With eco-tours available, a vacation at Casa Sonrisa proves to be a surfer’s vacation of dreams, even for the amateur surfer.

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For those looking to surf in Mexico, Casa Sonrisa offers the surf vacation of a lifetime. Set upon the magnificent Riviera Nayarit within the quiet and safe gated community of Punta el Custodio (one of the best all-inclusive vacation communities, although quite different from the usual ones!), the beauty alone is enough to entice a vacation trip to Mexico. Villa Sonrisa has one of the best views of all the villa rentals located inside the private, gated community, which offers a true taste of Mexican heritage and design. From the hand-painted Talavera tile accenting the beautiful tropical wood to the linens lined with masterful embroidery design.

Villa Sonrisa offers three master suits for rent. Each one has a full bath, 2 of them with a wonderful view of the ocean and jungle scenery surrounding you,  like a palm tree grove at the mouth of the river. Whether it is time for bed or time to wake up, the sound of waves crashing mixed with soothing songbirds is sure to either relax your mind or entice your daily endeavors. There is a 4th (study)room with a twin trundle bed for  two persons.

If the sounds and scenery aren’t enough to draw you to this dose of Mexican villa rental perfection, then perhaps your private maid/cook will. Casa Sonrisa comes with a maid to help with the day to day upkeep so that you will have more time to relax and enjoy the surf. You don’t even need to worry about cooking as the maid doubles as an excellent cook that is sure to ignite your taste buds with each fabulous Mexican meal. The maid is at your disposal from Monday to Saturday, when you take the foodplan she comes over Sundays too (only at Casa Sonrisa). All the shoppings for meals and treats will be done for you. This is included in the food plan at an extra rate of $30 USD per adult per day, $15 USD for children 5-11.

Regardless of your surfing experience, Casa Sonrisa is sure to deliver the Mexico beach vacation of a lifetime with its thrill seeking surf breaks to its majestic sunsets and breathtaking views. If there is any reason to take a trip to Mexico, this beach vacation dream is sure to be it. With each crashing tide and captivating memory, Casa Sonrisa will satisfy your every storybook dream.


Find Surfers Paradise, come to Casa Sonrisa!


Casa Sonrisa can be rented with or without all-inclusive plan. Below you will find the rates without the all-inclusive plan (but with private maid). The all-inclusive plan cost an additional $30 USD per adult per day, see our page All-Inclusive Package.

May 1 2013 – October 31 2013: $1,800 USD per week

November 1 2013 – April 11 2014: $2,200 USD per week

December 17 2013 – January 17 2014: $3,500 USD per week

January 18 2014 – April 11 2014: $2,200 USD per week

April 12 2014 – April 26 2014 (Easter): $3,000 USD per week

April 27 2014 – October 31 2014: $1,800 USD per week

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