Enjoy Every Luxury

Posted by on May 22, 2013

Enjoy Every Luxury

Enjoy Every Luxury in Punta el Custodio, Mexico.


So you want to come to Mexico, to refresh and relax the soul. To enjoy the beautiful nature, have a good time with friends or family, somewhere in a hidden paradise. We offer a place where you can find all of this and more, in private vacation community Punta el Custodio, with luxurious and comfortable villas at affordable rates. Situated amid a spectacular scene within the heart of the Riviera Nayarit, Punta el Custodio is a very beautiful, secure, luxurious and private place where every pleasure and convenience is available to guests.
Splendid Villa Interiors
Although the outside is spectacular and Punta el Custodio offers wonderful views, the interior of all our vacation villas are also stunningly decorated and designed for relaxation and comfort. Each of the seven villas will provide every visitor with a magical atmosphere surrounded by a sophisticated interior design and décor. The soft light inside the villas will provide a serene atmosphere for guests to enjoy a dream-like experience.
The multitude of windows in each of the villas will allow the visitor to enjoy sunlight even if spending the day indoors. Punta el Custodio is designed to provide tourists with a high level of comfort. The chairs and lounges which furnish each of the villas are of extraordinary quality and will make the visitors wish they could stay forever in this dream-like luxury and comfort.
Your Own Private Cook
When renting one of our beautiful villas, visitors are offered an all-inclusive package. Your private maid, who also is an excellent cook, will serve delicious meals which feature traditional Mexican dishes and specialties. Having a personal cook will allow visitors to use the kitchen if they so desire, but this is not required as the personal cook will take care of every need in the kitchen.
This freedom from daily tasks will allow visitors to fully enjoy their stay by sitting on the patio and admiring the beauty of nature without worrying about shopping, cooking, or meal planning.
A Personal Maid
All our villas have their own, private maid from Monday thru Saturday who will make sure every area of the villa is sparkling clean. Punta el Custodio visitors won’t need to think about cleaning or homemaking, as the maid will do this for them. Your personal maid will clean the rooms, make the beds, wash the dishes and even do the laundry for visitors. Finished laundry will be delivered to guest rooms fresh and folded. With such services as these, visitors can enjoy every benefit from this vacation as they sit admiring the landscapes or do their favorite activities, such as reading a book, relaxing at the swimming pool or even surfing the beautiful waves.
These services are exactly what every visitor needs when going on a vacation to Punta el Custodio, Mexico. Having all the luxury and comfort at their feet, guests will have all the time they need to explore the beauties of the area while personal cooks and maids see to mundane tasks.
Luxury and Comfort in Villas
We represent seven luxurious villas in this beautiful environment offered by nature. Have a deep and restful sleep, surrounded by the sound of the ocean waves. Not only the beds are roomy and comfortable, offering all the comfort, but they also are covered with beautiful, superior quality high thread count bedding and soft elegant pillows.
This luxury is also visible in each of the villa bathrooms which are decorated with wonderfully high quality thick and thirsty bath linens and complimentary toiletries. Enjoy a long soak in a roomy tub of sudsy water with a good book or someone you love. Create magical moments to treasure forever or relax and reflect on the wonderful experience of Punta el Custodio.
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