Frequently Asked Questions

What about distances, locations etc.?

Punta el Custodio is located 70 miles north of the Puerto Vallarta international airport, in the fishing village of Platanitos on the Riviera Nayarit. The drive from the airport to our community will take about 2 hours. UPDATE March 2018: Lately there is more traffic it seems. Especially the first half of the drive from the airport is more congested, so it can take a bit longer. The roads to Punta el Custodio are in very good condition, especially by Mexican standards, and will lead you through beautiful landscapes. Until recently, the highway near the town of Zacualpan was in poor condition, but it was repaved in 2016. Punta el Custodio itself is located a half mile from Platanitos, a very small village with a lovely beach lined with typical Mexican restaurants. They serve great fish, ask for Zarandeado, which tastes great! Don’t expect anything fancy. The small gated community of Punta el Custodio is a half mile up an unpaved road, taking you to all 14 houses and villas, a walk of only a few minutes. If you go down the stairs at the east side of Punta el Custodio you get to the river mouth of the estuary; at low and high tide you can cross (about 150 feet) to Playa Tortugas, a 12 mile long pristine and unspoiled beach. Watch out for the current though; it can be very strong in between low and high tide!

Click here for a map with driving instructions to Punta el Custodio.

Click to see a Google map of Punta el Custodio, Riviera Nayarit.

Do you arrange airport transfers to and from Punta el Custodio?

Transportation Apart from your airfare, you will need transportation from the Puerto Vallarta airport to Punta el Custodio. Half of our guests have airport transfers arranged by us, half of our guests rent a car. If you want us to arrange transportation from and to the airport, please let us know in advance. We have safe and reliable drivers who will bring you safely to Punta el Custodio, and will be happy to stop along the way for any shopping needs you may have. Here are the one way fares as of january 2018 (fares may change during the year):

  • 1-3 people is $135.00 usd
  • 4-6 people is $165.00 usd
  • 7-10 people is $195.00 usd

You can get a good deal if you rent one at the airport, or you can reserve online before you arrive. If you do so, please check well the reviews of the rental company before you book. You can rent an economical car for less than $25 USD per day, but once you pick the car up at the airport they may force you to pay an extra $4,000 MN for insurance. We are not affiliated to them in any way, but we would highly recommend Gecko Car Rentals in Bucerias, see

Are there extra costs when we rent a villa?


  • All-Inclusive Package Our beach villas can be rented with or without all-inclusive package. For the rental rates, see each individual rental. Our all-inclusive package (3 meals a day, juices, sodas, fruits, chips and 5 beers a day per adult, all shoppings are done by the staff of Punta el Custodio) costs $230 USD per week per adult, $115 USD per week for children from 5 – 12 years old, and at no additional cost for children under 5. A tip for your private maid/cook is greatly appreciated.
  • Payment fees There may be payment fees when you book the house. Sending a check to the owner for the rent (no extra payment fees) is possible for all houses except for Casa Sonrisa. You can pay for this house through paypal, we charge an extra 4% payment fee. You can book all house through too, but they may charge booking fees up to 10%

Is Punta el Custodio a safe place?

Over the past few years Mexico has received very bad publicity because of the drug violence. This is a serious problem, but at the same time we, all our guests and all the people we talk to, feel very, very safe in Mexico, and at Punta el Custodio in particular, which is a gated community. The violence is mainly near the border. If you are not engaged in the drug trade, there is nothing to fear: you will probably be much safer here than in most cities in the US or Canada. Punta el Custodio is one of the safest places we know. Just take the normal precautions, don’t walk around with (or show) a lot of cash.

Is there internet and cellphone connection in Punta el Custodio?

We would have loved to be able to offer good working, fast internet in all our houses. However, we are located in rural Mexico, it still isn’t possible here to have a reliable, fast internet connection with unlimited data download.

Here is our advice:

Internet access in our houses is not guaranteed. Our houses have fairly reliable 3G cellular access* in some parts of the houses, with no limitations and at no cost to renters. International data plans are now offered by many cellular carriers, either at a reasonable additional cost, or already included in your existing plan. We highly recommend that you contact your cellular carrier before your rental begins, and activate a data plan for Mexico that meets your needs. This way, you will be able to access the Internet on your cellular devices, or you can use your smart phone as a “hotspot” so that you can access the Internet on non-cellular devices such as laptops and tablets.

*At busy times of day, such as mornings and evenings, when the local cell towers become overloaded, the 3G signal can sometimes weaken or vanish. The villa is in rural Mexico, where cellular service is still in its infancy.

How are the weather conditions in Punta el Custodio?

Very pleasant all year round! During the hot summer months there’s a fresh incoming breeze from the ocean and in winter months it is still nice and warm — just take a sweater for the evenings!

What is there to do in and around Punta el Custodio?

Excursions and tours organized by the staff of Punta el Custodio (prices August 2013, they may change)

  • Horseback riding is done across the estuary and on the beac. The total time of the ride is 2 hours. Price is $ 50.00 usd per horse.
  • Reef Sea Fishing The panga holds 6 people and fishing time is 3 hours. Price is $ 185.00 usd per trip.
  • Deep Sea Fishing(Sport Fishing) The boatman takes bait with him. The Panga holds 6 people (recommended 4) and time fishing is 5 to 6 hours. Price is $ 220.00 or 240.00 usd.
  • Whale Waching The panga holds 6 people and fishing time is 3 hours. Between November and April. Price is $185.00 usd per trip.
  • Massage Price is $45.00 usd for a full hour.
  • Jungle Cruise is at 45 minutes from Punta el Custodio as well as the Water Fall Hike, the price is based on the arrangement once the guests are here.


Nayarit 10 million years ago the vast Sierra Madre rose up and volcanos bubbled out lava along the coast. As the sea rose, it filled in the bays with sand, and these became estuaries. With their dense forests of mangroves and winding channels, breathing in the sea with the tides, these are the nursery of almost all fish and shrimp, who hide safely among the mangrove roots and they are the home of millions of migratory seabirds. Along the seashore, the soft, unspoiled beaches are the nesting grounds of sea turtles. Behind the estuaries the rugged, forested mountains rise in steep canyons. Nayarit is the least populated state in tropical Mexico. Nature rules here. When you are ready to enjoy the spectacular treats of the region, here are a few suggestions. The management of Punta El Custodio can set you up or give you directions. The Estuary A trip into an estuary is a bird watcher’s ecstasy. You can rent a kayak or arrange a trip by motor launch. You can leave right from Punta El Custodio or go to La Tovara, about which, more later.

The Baby Turtle release Many evenings, toward sunset, most of our guests like to take the short walk up the beach to see the turtle hatchery release hundreds of newly hatched turtles. The hatchery collects the batches of eggs that are laid during the night and protects them from predators. One day, each batch hatches and then the babies are placed on the sand and scurry into the water, beginning a long journey and fight for survival which eventually brings them back to the same spot to begin the next generation. This is an awesome sight, a miracle of nature and a triumph of conservation that the whole family will thrill to.

Fishing The fishing along this coast is excellent. The staff will help arrange ocean fishing trips that will provide the thrills of catching dorado(mahi mahi), Sierra mackerel, tuna and more. You don’t have to go anywhere and you’ll likely come back by 10:00 AM, very satisfied.

Surfing Surfers know this stuff so I won’t say much. For a change from the world-class surfing right below our point, try the beach at Santa Cruz or the kilometer-long ride at Stoner’s. Also, Chacala, about a 45 minute drive the other direction.

The Waterfall at El Cora An interesting drive into the wooded foothills of the Sierra Madre, brings you to El Cora. After 20 minute walk(about 200M descent) , you find yourself in a deep valley where a waterfall blows a cool wind into your face as it crashes into a large pool. A magnificent spot for a refreshing swim and other falls to explore if you wish.

Restaurants Platanitos, a short walk or a five-minute drive offers sarandeado, shrimp, empanadas and beer right on the sand of a pretty little bay. If you really want to leave the wonderful cuisine of your villa for a restaurant, Playa Los Cocos offers Italian and Mexican/Continental cuisine and San Blas has several decent restaurants.

Country Markets In rural Mexico, markets are an important place for buying necessities and frivolities, eating tasty street food and meeting up with neighbors and friends. There are four or five markets within a 1 hour driving radius of Punta El Custodio. Any one of these offers a colorful morning of fun for the whole family and are an opportunity to pick up artistic souvenirs and more memories of vibrant Mexico.

Do you have driving instructions to Punta el Custodio?

Yes, click here for a map with driving instructions.

Are there stores nearby?

There are just a few small stores in Platanitos and in the nearby towns, but they don’t carry a wide variety of products — only the most basic ones. You can buy freshly caught fish from the fishermen who arrive at Platanitos beach at 8 in the morning, and a pickup truck with fruit and vegetables comes to Platanitos several days a week at around 10 AM. The nearest supermarket is in Zacualpan, about 25 minutes away. This is one of the reasons that most guests go for the all-inclusive package: the staff will do all the shopping for you!

What activities are there to do?

Most of our guests just come to relax, and spend their days at the pool, on the beach or in the ocean, enjoying Punta el Custodio itself. If you like a more active vacation, the staff of Punta el Custodio can organize almost everything: horseback riding, whale watching tours, kayaking, sport fishing, surfing, boogie boarding, jungle excursions, waterfall hikes, sea turtle tours, crocodile sanctuary tours, trips to the La Peñita weekly crafts market, to Sayulita, schedule a massage in your own villa, etc.