Night above Punta el Custodio and Playa Tortugas

Posted by on Feb 15, 2014

Night above Punta el Custodio and Playa Tortugas

Five Reasons to Plan Your Wedding in Punta el Custodio.


Are you planning your dream wedding but have no idea where you would want to hold such a life changing ceremony? Make your day truly special by having your wedding in an exotic, romantic, and luxurious place in Punta el Custodio, Mexico. This is the perfect Paradise location for your wedding as it offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the lavish jungle. Punta el Custodio is a private villa community with seven beautiful villas surrounded by natural splendor. The villas and their lush surroundings will create the storybook wedding that you have always hoped for.

When planning your wedding in Mexico, you can rent one or many villas to accommodate your honeymoon needs as well lodging for your wedding party and special guests. There are two, three, and four bedroom villas so there is no shortage of possibilities for your special event. Have an intimate personal wedding or a grand lavish event that is truly magical. Punta el Custodio provides all-inclusive packages for each of the seven available villas so you and your guests can enjoy every magical moment without interruption of daily chores and doldrums.

There are so many benefits to having your wedding and/or honeymoon at Punta el Custodio. Weddings are always special but your guests will enjoy a rewarding Mexico experience that will be simply unforgettable. Take some very romantic walks along the beach to admire the beauty of nature. Adventure seekers can opt for cruises through the jungle where the wildlife of Punta el Custodio can be observed and enjoyed. Prefer some rest and relaxation? Choose to relax on the large terraces or alongside a private pool and soak up some sun. There are plenty of activities that you and your guests will enjoy during your special dates. Guidance is always available as our well-prepared staff will readily help with ideas and information.

Any wedding and/or honeymoon can benefit from all that these amazing villas have to offer. Punta el Custodio is a wonderful place to enjoy your special celebration and here are five reasons why every couple should consider a beautiful Mexico wedding or honeymoon.

Save Money
There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on floral arrangements and other decorations. Punta el Custodio is surrounded by beautiful flower, plants, and trees. This natural setting makes the perfect backdrop for a truly beautiful wedding.

Benefits of Location
Rather than spend hundreds on a suitable church, reception hall, limousines, and the rest, Punta el Custodio provides one stop planning that will actually save an amazing amount of time and money. Savvy couples enjoy the financial benefits of combining the expenses of a wedding and honeymoon.

Guest List
This is a wonderful excuse when people want to know why they weren’t invited. With a luxurious wedding in Mexico, you aren’t obligated to invite everyone you know. Choose those who are in the wedding party and guests who you want to share in your joy. The limited list saves hundreds on food and drink costs as well.

Quality Time
With a destination wedding to Punta el Custodio, you will enjoy days rather than hours with your special guests. Traditional weddings leave little or no time to create memories or share stories with all of your guests.

Pampering for Everyone
Your wedding will be the perfect excuse for beloved relatives and friends to enjoy a getaway. While some guests will return home soon after the wedding, others may decide to stay on during the honeymoon for a relaxing, memorable vacation.

Playa Las Tortugas

Playa Las Tortugas

Photo by Graham Mattock, Mattock Imagery

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