Birdwatching in Mexico

Posted by on Nov 5, 2010

Birdwatcher’s Paradise.

Rich, varied, primeval and undisturbed habitats, located along major migratory flyways, make Mexico a world-famous birdwatching destinations. You don’t have to fly 24 hours or have your mangoes stolen by baboons to enjoy one of the very best of them, in Punta el Custodio, Riviera Nayarit.

A maximum of six hours of flying from Canada or the U.S. brings you to our world class birding destination; the Coastal mountains and estuaries of the Nayarit Riviera in Mexico. Here, the rugged, jungle-covered foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental, with clean free-flowing rivers and extensive mangrove estuaries are home to 300 species of birds, of which 30 are endemic(found nowhere else). These range from the Nayarit Bee Hummingbird, found in the flowering mountain jungle to the Broad-billed Heron, lurking on snags along the mysterious estuaries.

The access is surprisingly easy by road, trail and boat. Experienced guides are ready to take you on daytime or nocturnal tours. November through April are the best months for bird populations and the weather in those months is pleasant and dry.

The activity centers around the town of San Blas, on the unspoiled coast of Nayarit, less than three hours North of the Puerto Vallarta airport. Excellent accommodations can be arranged at Punta El Custodio, our small private vacation villa community, about 45 minutes South of San Blas, and two hours North of the airport. In our little paradise birdwatching can be blended with swimming, whale watching, baby turtle release, surfing and all of the other pleasures of a beautiful Mexican beachside resort.

John Siebel, the writer of this article, is the owner of Casa Don Juan, a 4 bedroom villa surrounded by lush gardens, visited by exotic birds, butterflies and other animals. If you come for birdwatching, we recommend a stay in his villa!

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