Main bedroom Casa Iguana

Posted by on Dec 13, 2013

Main bedroom Casa Iguana

Five Reasons to rent a Villa.


If you have ever wanted to get away for a while to the beautiful Mexican coastline, our beachfront villas are the perfect fit for you. Whether you are renting for business or pleasure, there are lots of different ways you can utilize our luxury villas to create unforgettable memories. Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend time in our amazing houses.

Enjoy the beauty of our beautiful small and safe vacation community for your honeymoon. Our 7 private villas are breathtaking, romantic, and sure to make you and your new spouse feel like true royalty during your stay. A nice, relaxing, beach getaway is a wonderful way to spend your first weeks as husband and wife and will help you bond, creating memories which will last a lifetime.

Employee Leadership Retreat
Treat your employees to a weekend of team building, bonding, and overall improvement with our luxury villas and amazing nature. A team retreat is a great way to strengthen the bonds of your management system while still providing a relaxing and fun vacation. Our luxury Mexican villas are spacious enough to allow your team to have their own rooms and privacy while still allowing for a community atmosphere. Just two hours from Puerto Vallarta, your team can explore the city and learn about Mexican culture together. Retreats are a great way to educate and reinforce your company’s core values and our villas provide a beautiful backdrop to do so.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Weekend
Grab the girls (or guys) and enjoy your last fling before the ring in our private community Punta el Custodio. Located along the beach, our villas are a great way to get away from everything with your closest friends before your big day. Go explore the exciting nightlife of the surrounding areas or just spend time reflecting on the future in your fully furnished villa. Either way, you are sure to have an experience you will never forget.

Family Trip
Spend some quality time with your family in one of our beautiful Mexican villas. You and your family deserve a relaxing, quite retreat from the stresses of everyday life, and our beachside villas offer privacy and luxury. Relax on the beach or enjoy some of the real Mexican culture in the nearby towns. Use this family vacation to educate as well as entertain your children as they learn about Mexico customs and values.

Holiday Getaway
Take a break from the retail madness and stress of the holiday season and opt to spend this special time with your loved ones on the beautiful shores of Mexico in one of our luxury rental properties. Our properties are daily maintained, beautifully furnished, and have as many spacious rooms as you need for all of your loved ones. Ditch the snow and cold weather, and enjoy this time of year with the beauty of the beach and comfort of sunshine.

Casa Iguana, Punta el Custodio

Casa Iguana, 2 bedroom oceanfront villa

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