Casa Celeste, oceanfront 4 bedroom villa

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Casa Celeste, oceanfront 4 bedroom villa

Cruise or All-Inclusive Vacation?


This time of the year, people begin thinking about their next vacation. They begin planning and revising the options as their mailboxes fill with offers for the cheapest cruises. Many people will consider booking a cruise immediately to avoid missing out on such amazing prices. However, savvy travelers are more realistic and think beyond these amazing cruise ticket prices. Smart travelers think about all the costs of a cruise, the ones travel agents often fail to list up front. Aside from the visible costs such as cruise tickets but there are many hidden costs and disadvantages which push travelers far beyond their budget and leave them feeling as though their hard earned money has been wasted.

Hidden Costs of Vacation Cruises
A few examples of hidden fees incurred by cruise vacations include: shore excursions, the added expenses of alcohol and other beverages which can add up to nearly $80 per day on average, spa and salon treatments, port taxes and fees, many onboard activities such as Pilates, yoga, wine-tasting events, after-hours baby-sitting, behind-the-scenes tours, laundry services, expected gratuities, photos and camera equipment, and use of the ship’s internet, which can be as much as $10 per minute. These and other fees can quickly ruin your vacation budget and leave you worrying about the final bill more than relaxing and enjoying the time away.

Vacation Cruises with Children
Aside from being costly, there are also other disadvantages to consider before booking a cruise. One of the most important in this category is the issue of children. Whether the cruise is designed for families with children or for adults, children all always allowed on ship. Unruly and noisy children can easily ruin your wonderful time on a cruise. Many travelers report children as the biggest complaint of their cruise experience due to boredom and their constant presence in hot tubs and pools set aside for the adults.

Now consider the happiness of your own children on a cruise for adults. Will they quickly become bored and make things less enjoyable for you? Will the other children on ship behaving badly upset your children as well? Will the outrageous cruise tickets for children be worth the money when your child is upset and wants to go home?

More Disadvantages of a Vacation Cruise
Aside from all the hidden fees which will kill your vacation budget and the presence of unhappy or unruly children, another disadvantage is the pressure of a rigorous schedule… which is one of the things a vacation should not include. During a vacation cruise, travelers are always “on the run” so there is never enough time to completely relax and admire the surroundings. Your dinner is served at a certain time and you must sleep at a certain time to be able to leave the ship for some sight-seeing. Don’t have too much fun because you must board the ship at a specific time or be left behind. Another disadvantage which should be considered is the probability of sea sickness which can ruin an entire vacation spent on a cruise.

Benefits of All-Inclusive Vacations
Considering the many disadvantages of vacation cruises, savvy travelers who prefer to know all their expenses from the start prefer all inclusive vacations. The freedom to enjoy your vacation getaway exactly the way you wish without a schedule to adhere to is an invaluable advantage. Rather than spend money on expensive meals served at specific times and locations with hundreds of other travelers, enjoy the presence of a maid and cook who will serve meals in your villa and assist with laundry upon request.

All-Inclusive Vacations with Children
Every day offers opportunities to explore the jungle or beach as well as participate in local activities, sight-see, and explore the markets. Traveling with children is no trouble at all as they never grow bored of running along the beach and exploring outdoor spaces. At the end of the day, a luxurious and spacious villa awaits with all the comforts of home rather than a tiny cabin on a cruise ship with a busy hallway just outside the door. Best of all, there is no huge bill pending arrival on your final day as there is on vacation cruises.

All-Inclusive – No Hidden Costs
Choose Punta el Custodio, Mexico, for a cheap getaway package that will help you achieve the vacation of your dreams without any hidden costs. The villas in Punta el Custodio offer all the comfort, luxury and privacy needed during your vacation, so that you will have no worries at all. Choose from seven luxurious villas that will satisfy your vacation needs, whether for a romantic getaway for two or a family retreat.

When taking into consideration all the benefits of an all-inclusive travel plans and the disadvantages of going on a cruise, the best choice will always be a vacation to Punta el Custodio, Mexico. Enjoy the freedom and value of your Mexico vacation in a beautiful environment and luxurious villa, all at precise costs that you are perfectly aware of.

Casa Celeste

Casa Celeste, Punta el Custodio

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