Casa Celeste, All-Inclusive Villa in Mexico

Posted by on Jul 16, 2013

Casa Celeste, All-Inclusive Villa in Mexico

Casa Celeste – Spend your Mexico Vacation in an All-Inclusive Villa in Mexico.

The beautiful, relaxing Riviera Nayarit is quickly becoming one of the most popular vacation locations in Mexico. With 200 miles of coastline, beautiful tropical climate, and countless ways to enjoy your stay, there is no better place to spend your holiday vacation. For a vacation that treats you like royalty and allows you the freedom to be yourself away from the bustle of everyone else’s agendas, book a stay in an all-inclusive villa in Mexico and leave your cares behind.

If you’re travelling to Mexico with a large family or party, an all-inclusive villa is actually a budget-friendly alternative to a resort. All expenses are included in a villa rental, while at resorts and hotels you generally accrue charges that must be paid for at the end of your stay. Room service, laundry and movies can add up quickly and come as quite a shock—not such a nice way to end a relaxing vacation..

These opulent residences are quite affordable places to stay: they are a home away from home. Today’s hectic lifestyles mean families rarely have much time together. With a full-time maid and cook, you get what you need most from a vacation: time for yourself and time with your family.
Our villas offer the ultimate privacy. There’s no need to worry about the neighbors making too much noise, or disturbing people if you want to enjoy yourself with some late night music. You can sleep late without worrying about housekeeping knocking on the door. Instead, wake up to a hot breakfast and the smell of coffee in your own kitchen.

Once you are ready for the day, there is a vast array of things to do. Spend your days surfing, swimming, or sunning. If you crave more adventure, the Riviera Nayarit has it in spades. Zipline adventures, scuba diving, mountain climbing, whatever it is you want to do, our staff will help you to organize it. If you crave some city life, head down to Puerto Vallarta for a fusion of modern life and Mexican culture. More shopping, music, theater, fine dining, ample golf courses, spas, and shopping is available in this historical city.

With so much to see and do in the amazing Riviera Nayarit, book  Casa Celeste, your all-inclusive villa in Mexico today!

Casa Celeste: all-inclusive villa in Mexico

Casa Celeste: all-inclusive villa in Mexico


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