Our All-Inclusive Mexico Package

When you book a stay at one of our 8 Mexico villa rentals, we always recommend our optional all-inclusive Mexico package. This meal plan is a delicious bargain and greatly enhances the enjoyment of your vacation. It provides you with home cooked meals prepared your private maid, who is an excellent cook too. All meals are made with the freshest products, according to your taste and preferences. Should you have special dietary needs and restrictions, we will happily cater to them. See for prices and menu below

all-inclusive package mexico

The best part of a Mexican vacation, besides the fun and new experiences you’ll have, is the break from cooking and cleaning. Your personal, daily maid will take care of cleaning along with cooking. In our private villa rentals you can relax and enjoy the ocean or sit poolside with your favorite book. Don’t worry about having to ask or restock the beverage and snack selection on your own; our staff takes care of all your shopping needs with a staff that allows you to just sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views and scenery.

Prices All-inclusive Package Mexico
Prices All-inclusive Package Mexico Punta el Custodio, Riviera Nayarit
What is included in the all-inclusive package;

  • The staff will shop and prepare 3 delicious and hearty meals per day (breakfast and the comida, the main afternoon meal). There will be enough leftovers for a good evening dinner.
  • Fresh fruit, snacks, soft drinks and 5 beers a day per person. Liquor and wine are not included.
  • Our maid/cook service from Monday to Friday is from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 am – 12:00 pm.
  • You pay for the food plan during your stay, in cash, to our on site manager, Ismael Franco, who handles the food plan. If you don’t want to pay in cash please make other arrangements with Ismael before your stay.
  • If you take the food plan you are required to take it for a minimum of 3 days, and these days have to be in a row.


Prices of our all-inclusive package Mexico:


Adults: $230 USD per week.

Children of age 5 until 12: $115 USD per week.

Children under 5 years of age no charge .  

Your maid, who also serves as your personal cook, arrives each day promptly at 8:00am. A delicious Mexican breakfast will be prepared along with freshly ground coffee, juices, and other local beverages like “aguas,” freshly juiced and sweetened wild fruit, to excite your taste buds early in the morning. Choices will range from eggs with chorizo, bacon and eggs, chilaquiles, pancakes and more upon request, depending on what’s fresh and in season during your stay. Vacationing at one of our all-inclusive villas is an opportunity for you to take a break from daily tasks.

Lunches and dinners are expertly prepared to appeal to your palate. Fresh meats and seafood are always available and meals such as chicken mole, beef stew, fish fillets with vegetables along with other meals will become some of your favorites over your stay. Your maid leaves at 4:00 pm (weekends at 12:00 pm) to let you enjoy the rest of the evening, but will leave a prepared meal in the fridge for an easy dinner. Take advantage of the great rates for our all inclusive package.

Experience all that the authentic, non-touristy parts of Mexico can offer during your stay at at any of our all inclusive Mexico private villa rentals. Our wonderful cuisine is a part of our culture and we want nothing more than the chance to share these traditions with you and your family or guests. Please feel free to discuss shopping and meal planning with Ismael Franco, the onsite manager, or your cook.  She will make sure that your experience at one of our vacation rentals will be a perfect one.

The food plan consists of: breakfast, light lunch and dinner. Below is the menu, everything is made with fresh local ingredients. This menu represents a local Mexican cuisine which the housekeepers are very familiar with.

Huevos al gusto Eggs as you want them

Chilaquiles Eggs with chilaquiles

Huevos revueltos con tocino y salsa pico de gallo Scrambled eggs with bacon and pico de gallo sauce

Huevos rancheros en tostada con salsa precocinada Eggs on a tortilla shell topped with sauté sauce

Huevos revueltos con papas y chile gordo Scambled eggs with potatoes and peppers

Huevos revueltos en salsa verde Scrambled eggs in green sauce

Huevos revueltos con chorizo y papas a la francesa Scrambled eggs with sausage and french fries

Omelet con hongos, espinacas y jamón Omelette with mushrooms, spinach and and ham

Cheese quesadillas with guacamole and pico de gallo sauce

Molettes with cheese and sausage garnished with salsa picada

Breakfast comes with fried beans, bread, flour or corn tortillas, coffee, orange juice and fresh fruit of the season.

Enselada de pollo Chicken salad

Quesadillas con salsa de guacamole Quesadillas with guacamole sauce

Ceviche de pescado Fish ceviche

Ceviche de camaron Shrimp ceviche

Bruchetta con pollo a la parmesana Bruchetta with chicken parmesan

Empanadas de camaron y vegetales Shrimp or fish turnover and a vegetable platter

Lunch comes with soda, bottled water and beer. Wine and liquor are not part of the food plan.

Dinner is left cooked by the maid, to be heated up at your convenience, the housekeeper leaves at 4:00PM

Pollo con mole, arroz, tortilla de maiz Chicken mole, rice and corn tortillas

Enchiladas de pollo con vegetales Chicken enchiladas with vegetables on the side

Albondiga en salsa verde o roja y ensalada Meat ball in green or red sauce and a green salad

Rollo de pollo relleno de queso y jamon bañado con salsa de champiñones con vegetales precocinados Chicken rolls stuffed with cheese and ham, topped with mushroom sauce and saute vegetables on the side

Costilla de cerdo en salsa verde con calabacitas y elote Pork ribbs in green sauce with fresh corn and zuccini

Pescado a la veracruzana Fish fillets at the veracruz style

Chiles rellenos con queso, carne molida o vegetales Stuffed green pepper with cheese, ground meat or vegetables

Costillas de puerco a la BBQ, pure de y ensalada de lechuga BBQ Pork ribs, mashed potatoes, spice sauce and guacamole

Carne con chile, papas y zanahorias Beef fillets in chili, stewed with potatoes and carrots

Dinner comes with soda, bottled water and beer. Wine and liquor are not part of the food plan.

Key lime pie

Banana nut bread

Flan Napolitano

Fried banana

Plain Flan Cheese cake