Casa Corona del Mar,Things To Do Around

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013

Casa Corona del Mar,Things To Do Around

A Ramble on the Coast Road, things to do around Punta el Custodio.


Here are some things to do around Punta el Custodio, while staying at Casa Corona del Mar. The road north from Punta el Custodio takes you through forest and wooded plains, into a rich agricultural area. You go through the charming village of El Llano, where unusual tropical fruits are sold by the roadside and the best ice cream, some of it made from jackfruit and mango. Then you are along the curving Bay of Matanchen, dotted by small attractive villages and the homes of expatriates along the shore. At the end of the bay is La Tovara, where launches will take you up an estuary to a blue water  spring.

This is one of the bird-watching capitols of the world and also the home of crocodiles which are making a comeback, thanks to a crocodile hatchery.

Next, San Blas, once the major port on the Pacific and transshipment point for the Manila galleons and gold and silver from  Peru and Bolivia. Very lively, with a few quaint structures and a good fish market. The port silted up in the early nineteeth century but is still guarded by a fort backed by a majestically forlorn ruined cathedral. Sic transit Gloria. Some nice restaurants are there for your lunch, if you didn’t have a light meal of fresh fish and oysters at La Tovara.

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things to do raound punta el custodio

Casa Corona del Mar, things to do around Punta el Custodio

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