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Mariachis can be arranged!

How to Choose the Right Luggage.


A trip to Punta el Custodio, Mexico will require luggage and whether you know it or not, the right luggage can make a huge difference on the quality of your vacation getaway. There are many luggage sets available due to the many different lifestyles and preferred activities of every traveller. With such a large variety and so many different styles and characteristics of luggage sets, it can be hard to make a proper choice. Narrow down your options and decide which pieces are most helpful for your next adventure to Mexico. Here is a simple guideline to help you be on your way with the perfect luggage for every vacation you take.

Luggage, Packs, and Suitcase Types

Duffels with Wheels: If you travel with lots of essentials, this is the perfect form of luggage. Carrying a lot of gear on your shoulders can be unhealthy but duffels with wheels will take the stress off your shoulders. Wheeled duffels also come in carry-on sizes for those who are looking for airport convenience and hands free travel.

Perfect for – Wheeled duffels are ideal for packing bulky gear, sporting equipment, or other hobby items. Consider this luggage for road trips and family vacations. Duffels with wheels are not intended for light packers.

Luggage with Wheels: Luggage with wheels is the most common luggage choice for travellers. Frequent flyers prefer the compact sizes available and overall durability of this luggage type as they will withstand the abuse of airport transportation. Wheeled luggage will normally have different compartments for organizing toiletries, medications, and other small items. The wheeled feature keeps your hands free for other tasks.

Perfect for – Wheeled luggage is wonderful for business travel, holiday vacations, family visits and other kinds of vacations where clothing and other necessities need to be packed along. It is also ideal when packing light isn’t an option.

Backpack: The backpack offers full mobility from the starting point and until you reach your destination. You can pack a small array of items and toss it over the shoulder for hands free traveling. The backpack is perfect when you don’t have time to unpack before jumping headfirst into your getaway adventures.

Ideal for – Backpacks are best suited for camping trips and other outdoor adventures. Use a backpack when enjoying road trips and outdoor retreats for convenience and versatility. Backpacks are an absolute must for light packers and those who opt for several accommodations while on vacation.

Duffel Bags: Traditional duffel bags are lighter than wheeled duffels and much more affordable. Duffel bags offer a large amount of space and have the versatility to be used as carry-on luggage. The long shoulder straps are convenient if your load is not too heavy.

Ideal for – Duffel bags are ideal for teenagers, frequent travellers, and all who seek an outdoor adventure. This handy luggage choice is also best for college students and those traveling on a budget.

Features to Consider when Buying Luggage

Durability: No matter where you are going on vacation, durable luggage is an absolute must. When choosing luggage, look for reinforced corners, double zippers, and strong seams. Test the pockets and wheels for good function before making any purchases. Strong and durable materials to look for include ballistic nylon and rip-stop.

Size: Consider the amount of space that the luggage offers and check with your airline for weight and size requirements to avoid unexpected expenses. Most airlines will follow a fifty pound limit per item checked.

Portability: The luggage chosen should be portable and easy to manage. Check to make sure the straps and handles are easy to grasp and comfortable to carry or pull. If you choose wheeled luggage, consider 360-degree turning wheels for maximum mobility.

Specific Luggage Features to Consider

Once you know the type of luggage best suited for your needs, it is time to compare other important features. This is when your personal preferences regarding luggage should take over. Here are some specific features to consider:

Storage Compartments: Built-in storage compartments are ultra-convenient, making it easy to pack and unpack due to their organization properties.

Organizer Pockets: Similar to storage compartments, organizer pockets keep smaller, more common items in place. These individual pockets will provide safe places for mare delicate items such as cell phones, cameras, and even laptops or tablets.

Compression Straps: This feature is handy when you need to reduce a large bag into a more compact size. Choose ‘piggy straps’ when you need to slip a smaller piece of luggage over a larger piece of luggage.

Final Notes

Whether you are headed out for a simple weekend getaway or a month long vacation, always secure your luggage with covered ID tags both inside and outside. Your luggage will blend in with all of the other luggage sets at the airport. Consider tying a ribbon onto the handle of your set or purchasing unique and colourful luggage tags that will stand out.

Lastly, test your luggage before leaving on your dream vacation. Make sure you will have all of the room you need and maybe a bit extra for souvenirs and gifts. Check every zipper several times and pull the straps to check for weak points. Investigate wheels for mechanical issues and oil the gears if necessary. Luggage is a crucial aspect of your vacation so it is important to be thorough and choose wisely.

Choose your vacation luggage wisely

Choose your vacation luggage wisely

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