View into estuary/Playa Tortugas from Casa Sonrisa

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013

View into estuary/Playa Tortugas from Casa Sonrisa

Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive During your Christmas Vacation in Mexico.


Going on a vacation is a fun and exciting way to spend the holidays. You can spend your days away from the hustle and bustle of your hometown and relax in a beautiful Mexican villa instead. But how do you keep your Christmas spirit when you’re so far from home? Many people are hesitant to vacation because they find it hard to keep traditions alive when they aren’t at their own house. Here are a few simple ways to keep yourself and your family festive this year as you vacation during Christmas.

Decorate Your Villa
It might sound strange but bring decorations and even a Christmas tree, if possible, to your villa. Decorating and putting up a Christmas tree helps get you and your family into the Christmas spirit, and it is a great way to make your villa seem more warm and inviting. Bring Christmas lights, wreaths, and any other decorations you and your family are especially fond of. Want to travel light? Bring a small tree and make your own decorations as a family at the villa. Having a fun tree decorating party somewhat like a scavenger hunt would be unforgettable as well!

Make Your Favorite Food
Does your family have a special Christmas Day breakfast? Maybe you all bake Christmas cookies each year to get into the spirit. Either way, do your best to incorporate these holiday traditions into your vacation. Not only do you get to enjoy delicious food, you and your family do not have to miss out on a tradition. Instead of going out for a meal, cook your own Christmas dinner at your villa. Many foreign countries do not observe holidays on the same day as you, so restaurants will often be open for business. This is nice but if your family usually eats dinner together, going to a restaurant on Christmas can seem strange and should probably be skipped.

Give Presents
While a vacation may seem like a rather large present in itself, make sure to bring a few presents for your family to open while you are there. Younger family members, especially young children, associate Christmas with gifts and not having anything to open can confuse them. It is also a nice way to be festive while you are away from home. Keep in mind that you do not have to get big elaborate gifts, just something small for your children to open. Consider giving small gifts from the Mexican market for an added sentimental value for your gift exchange.

Watch Festive Movies
Even though it’s warm and sunny outside, you can still enjoy a white Christmas by watching festive holiday movies. Spend a day in your pajamas with the family and have a marathon of your favorite holiday films. While you watch, indulge in some festive holiday snacks such as gingerbread cookies or caramel popcorn. Anything you can do to put some Christmas cheer in the air will help you feel more festive during your vacation.
Be Merry & Make Memories

Ultimately, the holidays are about spending time with the people you love, no matter where you are. There are many ways to enjoy your favorite Christmas traditions, even when you’re spending the holiday in a beautiful Mexican villa on the beach. Keep some of your unique traditions intact and form some new ones while you’re at it.

Whether you decide to spend Christmas in your own home or experience the Mexican vacation of your dreams in one of our magical villas, we sincerely wish each and every one of our readers a Merry Christmas that is overflowing with good memories and great fun.

Main pool Punta el Custodio

Main pool Punta el Custodio

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