Plan an Educational Trip to Mexico

Posted by on Jan 7, 2013

Plan an Educational Trip to Mexico

Plan an Educational Trip to Mexico.


Plan your next educational trip to Mexico, choosing from any of our wonderful villas. Spanish clubs and school or youth groups should take advantage of our small and safe vacation community in order to achieve educational goals, within the organizational budget. Experience the native language as well as the culture and cuisines for the ultimate learning experience your students will never forget.

Ismael, our onsite manager will help you plan your educational field trip to Mexico through every stage of the planning process. Call to discuss the many options available when your club or group chooses to plan your trip to Mexico. We offer assistance with additional details such as curriculum, pricing and lodging options, travel logistics, available student/school discounts, and many other issues you may have.

Begin planning your educational trip to Mexico no later four months in advance. The most organized clubs and organizations will plan this type of outing up to nine months in advance. It is important to book your chosen dates and reserve your villas as soon as possible to avoid any last minute problems. It is important to know how many will be in your group when making important decisions regarding your trip.

With a proper estimate, our manager can also help clubs and groups decide on the appropriate activities and adventures to be had during your stay in Mexico. Call today to begin planning an unforgettable and educational adventure which your Spanish club, School group, or youth group will enjoy. An educational trip to Mexico can be had at competitive rates and premium dates.

Here is a simple to-do list for your educational trip to Mexico:

  • Choose a range of preferable dates
  • Decide on your total budget for the trip
  • Determine the size of your group – include students, teachers, chaperones
  • Make a list of the activities you would like coordinated for your stay
  • Make your transportation decisions and secure necessary tickets, fares, or rental cars
  • Make the necessary deposit to hold your dates and chosen villa(s)
  • Plan fundraisers and/or send invoices to parents, faculty, and chaperones
  • Schedule a pre-trip meeting with parents and faculty – this is a good time to accept permission slips and hand out lists of items needed or unneeded for the trip, discuss appropriate clothing and footwear, obtain medical information for all participants


We will help plan your educational trip to Mexico every step of the way. Our beautiful vacation villas can accommodate your large or small Spanish club, school group, or youth group, offering a comfortable learning environment for students. Organizations may choose our all-inclusive package which includes a cook as well as a maid. There are many activities available for youth and Spanish club participants. Our vacation community is safe and secure, allowing educators and chaperones to relax and enjoy the educational trip to Mexico as well. Call about our villas today and begin planning your school, club, or church educational trip to Mexico.

Sample activities for your educational trip to Mexico:

  • Visit the market and speak the native language as you buy groceries or supplies for your stay
  • Make homemade piñatas and have a Spanish party
  • Learn to cook an authentic Mexican dish and host a dinner where only Spanish is spoken at the table
  • Take and describe pictures – in Spanish
  • Enjoy some cultural games and activities
  • Have students write a script and make a Spanish movie
  • Celebrate a Spanish holiday while at the villas
  • Enjoy movie night with Spanish movies
  • Visit the beach and enjoy water sports
  • Write letters in Spanish and mail them home


These are just a few of the many fun ways to make your group, class, club or organization’s visit to Mexico both playful and educational. There are many more great ideas and we look forward to helping you coordinate each and every one.

educational trip to mexico

Plan an educational trip to Mexico

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