Casa Lazuli, 4 bedroom villa Punta el Custodio

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Casa Lazuli, 4 bedroom villa Punta el Custodio

Vacation Activities in Punta el Custodio, Mexico.


Although a vacation is usually made in hopes of relaxation and getting a bit disconnected from the daily routine, most of our renters want to plan some activities in order to experience the Mexican culture and locations too. Fun and entertainment simply is very important to many of our guests during their stay in our villas at Punta el Custodio. We provide a bevy of activities to all visitors who hope to enjoy the beautiful environment and the luxurious landscape surrounding our villas.

Let our staff help you arrange your activities
When you rent a villa in Punta el Custodio, you can seek the assistance of our well-trained staff to arrange activities for you based on your interests. Our staff is very knowledgeable of the area and all it has to offer and will know exactly what kind of activities to suggest for maximum fun and enjoyment.

If you go on a vacation with only relaxation in mind, you can spend your day on the villa’s veranda, admiring the ocean and tropical birds or flowers surrounding the area. You may decide to lounge poolside and catch up on some reading. However, if you really want to enjoy the natural beauty of your vacation site, then you should consider going for a walk on 12 miles long Playa Las Tortugasor Turtle Beach. When in season, you could even help release turtle hatchlings. This activity may bring a lot of enjoyment to your vacations, especially for kids.

Explore the ocean
Adults, as well as children, will probably want to try their hand at surfing. Even if guests have never surfed before, much fun can be had while riding perfect ocean waves on a boogie board. There are plenty of other activities and water sports that can involve the ocean such as deep sea fishing. Although this activity will mainly satisfy adults, it may also bring happiness to children who enjoy fishing as well. Whale watching will amaze every visitor, kid or adult alike, as not anyone has the awesome opportunity to watch whales in their natural habitat. There are plenty of other activities your group might enjoy such as bird watching, trips to the jungle or even a trip to the amazing waterfall, El Cora.

Come to Punta el Custodio for business retreats
While it is a wonderful vacation spot for families, Punta el Custodio is also a very good place to visit for other purposes. Consider these luxurious villas for business retreats, friendly reunions, or even for wedding parties. Not only is this a private community but these rentals offer enough rooms and maximum privacy to be rented by medium and large groups. The spacious rooms and huge dining tables provided in the villas will be the perfect choice for groups who desire a getaway to a beautiful location for a special event or occasion.

Depending on the age of visitors and their goals regarding an ideal vacation, the staff will create an activity schedule to help pass the time in the best possible manner. Having a reunion on the community swimming pool can be fun as well as interesting. For even more privacy, the group can use the villa’s private pools.

Whether visiting alone or as a couple, with family or in a group, guests can expect royal treatment and every wish provided for. Experience the local street markets while visiting Punta el Custodio to choose something special to take home. With so many activities and things to offer, Punta el Custodio and the luxurious villas are definitely the best choice for a wonderful vacation!

activities in Punta el Custodio

Punta el Custodio, the perfect mix of being active and relaxation!

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